Task 31
Task 31
SHC Task 31

Daylighting Buildings in the 21st Century

Project (Task) Scope


  • Generic descriptions of daylighting requirements for inclusion in codes
  • Technology roadmap for designers with performance targets
  • Guidelines for control system interface design to account for user reaction
  • User friendly computer tool releases with working documents on plug-in specifications for sky models and complex fenestration systems
  • Guidelines on appropriate use of tools
  • The transference of results to architects, engineers, industry and building owners by means of workshops, regional support groups and the international web site that includes: data sets of user preferences, building performance targets, cost benefit studies and case studies of noteworthy buildings.


  • Algorithms for computer software to predict user response for designing daylit environments with their lighting and shading control systems
  • Guidelines on the use of these algorithms in daylighting and energy simulation software


  • Simplified design process roadmap
  • Performance benchmarks that quantify potential savings
  • Procedures to calibrate and commission key daylighting control systems
  • Test room and building performance data for tool validation
  • Measured total system performance data to increase building owner confidence


  • New algorithms for sky models and fenestration systems
  • Plug-in specifications for visual comfort algorithms (Subtask A)
  • Plug-ins for fenestrations systems and sky models
  • Internet based catalogue of tools
  • New data sets for integrated systems (Subtask B)
  • Extended validation data sets


  • The establishment of data bases including:
    bibliography, the benefits of daylighting techniques, survey of productivity benefits, cost benefit studies, case studies
  • Establishment of infrastructure of daylighting support groups and material for same