Task 31
Task 31
SHC Task 31

Daylighting Buildings in the 21st Century

Project (Task) Objectives

This Task seeks to make daylighting the typical and preferred design solution for lighting buildings in the 21st century by integrating human response with the application of daylighting systems and shading and electric light control strategies. Two key issues, which require research to accomplish energy savings, have been identified as:

  • The determination of occupant response towards the luminous and thermal environments in buildings using daylighting systems and daylight responsive controls.

  • The integration of daylighting systems, electric lighting, and shading controls taking into account occupant response in order to optimise energy savings.

A third objective is to ensure transference of the results to building design professionals, building owners, and manufacturers.

The Task will focus on commercial buildings, both new and existing, including office, retail, and institutional buildings such as schools. To find a solution to these issues, fifteen countries and 24 institutions in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand are collaborating in worldwide research.