Task 31
Task 31
SHC Task 31

Daylighting Buildings in the 21st Century

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Simulation Tools

  • Daylight education Toolkit
  • Tutorials in Rendering (and 3D modeling for Rendering)
  • DELight - the LBL simulation engine for daylight and electric lighting system analysis in buildings.
  • NRC-Canada Lightswitch wizard
  • LBNL High Performance Commercial Buildings web site
  • Skyvision - "SkyVision predicts skylight performance for any given day and for various types of skylights. "
  • Daysim - "is a RADIANCE-based dynamic daylight simulation method to calculate the short-time-step development of indoor illuminances in buildings based on hourly mean direct and diffuse irradiance values."
  • LESO-DIAL - Leso-DIAL gives architects relevant information regarding the use of daylight at the beginning of the building design process.
  • ADELINE - "is an integrated lighting design computer tool developed by an international research team within the framework of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Solar Heating and Coolong Programme Task 12. ADELINE provides architects and engineers with accurate information about the behaviour and the performance of indoor lighting systems. Both natural and electrical lighting problems can be solved, in simple rooms or the most complex spaces."
  • RADIANCE - "is a highly accurate ray-tracing software system for UNIX computers that is licensed at no cost to users for non-commercial use; commercial use licenses including distribution rights are available for a fee. Radiance was developed with primary support from the U.S. Department Of Energy and additional support from the Swiss Federal Government. It is copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California."

Case Studies

Daylight and User Acceptance / Performance

  • Current progress with Subtask A field surveys of user behaviour


  • The BRE has been providing technical advice for the UK Building Regulations for some years.
  • And then there is the lighting subtask of ENPER, a European project on energy regulations.